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Week of the Young Child Kickoff Saturday, April 6, 2024!

Gather everything you'll need to have a great week !



Music Monday

Take the day off Sunday and move and groove on to Music Monday!

Enjoy this list of clean music hits suitable from the youngest child to adults. You won't find the Wheels on the Bus or any strictly kids music on this playlist so everyone enjoy this mix of old and new favorites!


Tasty Tuesday

Make it Together Trail Mix


Work Together Wednesday

On Wednesday post your photos on our Facebook page in the comments for Work Together Wednesday!


Artsy Thursday

Edible Finger Paint

There are lots of recipes for edible paint, but one of the easiest is to mix jello with yogurt for different colors and flavors. Now all you have to decide is what to paint! Make sure everyone joins in the fun!

Family Friday

What will you be doing with your family?

Library District staff recently shared how important family photos are to keep memories alive for young children. In times to come you'll be able to revisit the photos together to keep memories alive that might otherwise be forgotten.