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Quick Guide to eBooks

1. Find a site that has the book you want and the format you want.

Supported formats for popular eReaders. (Click here for a more detailed list)
  Kindle 1

Kindle 2,
3, DX, Fire

iOS Devices

B&N Nook


Sony Reader


ePub No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
mobi Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes
HTML No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Plain Text Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PDF No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

2. Download it to your computer.
3. Transfer it to your device. Most devices come with software for your computer. You just hook up your eReader using the cable that came with it. You may also prefer to use calibre, a free eBook manager and format convertor that works with most eReaders including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, iPod/iPad, and various Android phones .
Note: If you want to use books from you will be required to use Adobe Digital Editions which supports time limits and copy protection.

How to Read eBooks on Your Smartphone

Reading books on your smartphone can be very convenient. There are a variety of apps you can install that support different eBook formats. Android and iPhone are probably the most common, but even if you have a Windows Phone 6 or 7, Blackberry, WebOS, or Palm device you can still read eBooks on them. 

Feel free to contact our staff if you are unsure which software is best for you. We will do our best to help you start reading on the go.

Other Resources

Check out Your Unofficial Kindle Fire Manual (PDF) by Christian Cawley.