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Websites for Kids


National Geographic KiDS - National Geographic's online magazine for children with articles, cartoons, and games.
Ranger Rick - This on-line version of a popular children's magazine offers homework help, articles and activities.
Cricket Magazine Group! - Website for the Cricket Magazine Group that includes: Cricket, Spider, Ladybug and Babybug.
EEK! - For children in grades 4-8, this electronic magazine explores environmental education.

Scratch - Create movies, music and video games at Scratch, developed by MIT Media Lab members. Ages 8 and up. - Kids write, read and tell stories by creating comic strips online, then printing & e-mailing them to friends or relatives. All ages.
Fidgit on - Fidgit is a multiplayer game on PBS' Design Squad site. Kids can also design & build their own games & challenge their friends. Ages 8 to 13.
Story Cove - Children can listen to or watch a story unfold on this site. Story Cove folktales come from a variety of cultures and places. They share timeless values and simple, universal lessons. Hooda Math is all about making math fun. Visit the games page to play math games which help reinforce math concepts. Watch a tutorial to learn math concepts. - PBS site for kids that includes learning games, paint box, and links to PBS shows.
StoryPlace - StoryPlace is an interactive website providing children with the virtual experience of going to a library. 

Best History Websites - History portal created for students, educators, and history enthusiasts
CNN 10 - CNN site for students and teachers with lots of homework resources and current events program support in 10 minutes.
Presidents of the U.S. - Resource on U.S. Presidents created by Internet Public Library
Time for Kids - News magazine for children covering current events and sports.

Ask Dr. Universe - From Washington State University...answers questions on many topics.
Awesome Library - Over 17, 000 on-line resources organized by topic in 5 languages.
Fact Monster - Almanac, dictionary, and encyclopedia from Information Please Almanac
High School Ace - Detailed reference collection with monthly features.
Homework Spot - Links by subject for all ages.
Internet Public Library (IPL): Kidspace - This website provides links to other pages on the IPL website where abundant resources for specific topics are listed. Each resource link is accompanied by a website description to make finding information easier for kids.
Zoom School - Online classroom.

MATH - For elementary and middle school...flash cards, metric conversion, multiplication tables, etc. Get Ready Courses - Math concepts for 3rd grade and up.

The Children's Book Council - Spelling games for elementary children - Reading suggestions, games, and activities
StoryPlace - Virtual storytime, compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

Enchanted Learning - Information about animals and habitat - Ask a scientist archives for elementary age
National Geographic World - Web resources for science experiments
Your Science Fair Project Guide - Web resources for science experiments