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Senior Sites on the Web
AARP -- Invaluable site on all things pertaining to aging and retirement.
Alliance for Retired Americans -- An activist group supporting such causes as Medicare, Social Security, housing and Meals on Wheels.
Coalition for Quality Patient Care -- A consumer group dedicated to improving America's healthcare system. Provides statistics on on healthcare and info on how to choose a health plan.
NACOG Area Agency on Aging -- NACOG serves clients in the four Northern Counties of Arizona, excluding the reservations. All Area Agencies advocate, plan, coordinate, develop and deliver services for seniors 60 years and older and for family caregivers. To meet its objectives, the Area Agency on Aging contracts with over 26 social service providers, health departments and nutrition sites to deliver services that assist the elderly, helping them to remain in their homes as long as possible.  Over 330,000.00 hot meals are served to seniors in the region each year, 19,476 rides and more than 26,000 hours of in-home care are provided.
National Aging Information Center -- The National Aging Information Center is a service of the Federal Administration on Aging (AoA) offering information on AoA funded research products and computerized literature retrieval.

Health Resources
Food & Drug Administration -- This site offers the full range of publications put out by the FDA. Includes info on Arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer and women's health. Bilingual
Alzheimer's Association Home Page -- Excellent resources on Alzheimer's Disease! Covers research and current treatment/diagnosis as well as providing useful information on living with Alzheimer's.
Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center -- Another excellent site devoted to Alzheimer's research.
The Alzheimer Page -- An educational resource on Alzheimer's Disease.
Senior Health Resources -- Learn about how to have a healthy lifestyle and more.

Elder Law/Elder Abuse
Elder Law -- Provides information on Health & Welfare law, and Wills, Estates & Trusts as well as links to other Elder Law sites in the US and Canada.
National Senior Citizens Law Center -- This sites provides links to legal infomation concerning health, employment discrimination, and consumer concerns as well as general information of interest to seniors.

Estate/Retirement Planning
Making the Move to Assisted Living -- Tips on choosing and making the transition.
Retirement and Estate Planning from Quicken -- Take the financial quiz! This site is provided by the folks who developed the financial software, Quicken.
Social Security Administration Online -- Everything you ever wanted to know about Social Security. This site is full of useful information.
Senior Living Center - Address a variety of topics on the subject of senior living.

Senior.Com -- A large online magazine with plenty to read and lots of online activities. Create your own webpage, make new friends, get travel tips and discounts... Senior.Com has a very wide range of offerings for the saavy senior.
Senior Women Web -- Finally!! A Website which addresses the concerns of women aged 50 and older. Excellent articles covering a broad range of topics and interests. Links to multi- cultural and international sites as well.
Third Age -- Targeted more toward Baby Boomers, Third Age offers political stories, family-oriented material and technology help as well as financial tips, travel information, chat and more.

Searchable Sites/Directories
ElderSearch -- A comprehensive database for locating housing options, health resources, legal, and financial information.
Senior Living Alternatives -- The Nationwide Directory for housing alternatives. Find nursing homes and other alternative living arrangements in your area. Includes a home health care checklist.
Senior Livning Map -- offers state-by-state search for various senior services.

Technology Classes
Techboomers.com  -- free educational website that teaches older adults and others with limited computer skills how to use the most popular and trusted websites on the Internet. The site offers courses on many different types of websites: SocialEntertainmentOnline ShoppingEducation, and more. A few of the popular courses include FacebookNetflixAncestry, (provided free in Navajo County public libraries but not remotely) and Internet Safety

Techboomers Course of the Month
Ways to Share Photos from Your Winter Break
If you have memories of your winter break that you want to share, we’ll tell you the best websites to use depending on how you want to showcase your photos.

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Of General Interest to Seniors
ElderCare Web Homepage -- Provides information on various issues including legal/legislative, health and finances.
The Senior Center -- This site has good genealogical links for those who are researching family.
Age Page -- Go to an auction, place a personal ad, learn about sexuality on this fun and exciting website.
Seniors Site -- an online community for seniors and their families