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Return to Main Index of Internet Links    Timely rates for mortgages, consumer loans, savings accounts and credit cards.
Monthly Interest Rate Data    This site is from the St. Louis Federal Reserve Board and contains various interest rates, including historic data with some going back as far as 1934 and the Prime Rate going back to 1929.
Mortgage-X    A helpful mortgage information site for home buyers featuring information on loans, interest rates, calculators and a directory of mortgage lenders.
The Inflation Calculator    An interactive form that adjusts a given amount of money for inflation.
Mortgage Calculator    Computes the monthly payment on a mortgage.
Relocation Salary Calculator    Using data provided by the Center for Mobility Resources this calculator computes, by inputing city or origin and destination city, what equivalent salary will be needed at the new location.
Federal Government's Economic Indicators    Available from April 1995 forward, this monthly compilation is prepared for the Joint Economic Committee by the Council of Economic Advisors and provides economic information on prices, wages, production, business activity, purchasing power, credit, money and Federal finance.
The Dismal Scientist    Useful site for various economic indicators searchable by indicator and region.