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Return to Main Index of Internet Links    Looking for a book? Need bibliographic information? Try the largest Online bookstore.    The online version of Barnes and Noble Bookstore including books, music, magazines and software for sale.
Internet Classics Archive    An archive of 441 literary classics.
Literary Resources on the Net    A set of literary web links arranged by categories.
Complete Works of William Shakespeare    Complete text of Shakespeare's plays, plus Shakespearean quotations.    Including such standards as "Elements of Style", works of fiction and non-fiction, verse and quotation search capabilites.
The Pulitzer Prizes    Covers the history and winners of the Pulitzer Prize from 1917 to present.
The Future of Publishing    This video clip is a humorous take on the future of publishing and was prepared by the UK branch of Dorling Kindersley Books and produced by Khaki Films.
BooksShouldBeFree    Download free audiobooks in mp3, iTunes, and iPod formats. Available titles are mainly classical literature.
NewFiction    NewFiction offers a library of audiobooks that are performed by multiple actors - modern-day radio dramas they call iSoaps. Users can sign up for a daily installment that can be delivered to a computer, iPod, iPad, or Smartphone.
ThoughtAudio    A free audiobook collection of classical works you can listen to online or download in segments. You can also view the written text of some of the books as a PDF download.
LibriVox    LibriVox is a repository of free audiobooks in the public domain. Titles are available as MP3 downloads or podcasts.
Podiobooks    Podiobooks is an episodic audio rendition of free audiobooks as podcasts. You can receive podcasts as RSS feeds or download them directly. The number of categories is well covered from alternative history to chick lit and satire.
Open Culture    Audiobooks are just one of the sections covered on this site which focuses on educational media collected from other sites. You get to download free courses from universities in MP3 format, language lessons as podcasts, and a variety of other podcasts that cover subjects like technology, travel, music, science, and more.
Learn Out Loud    This site's catalog has 25,000 audio and video titles in a mixture of paid and free. You can click on the tab marked as Free Stuff to access the free audiobooks that are available for download with a right click.
Project Gutenberg    Project Gutenberg is the ongoing effort to digitize and archive cultural works in the form of eBooks. It also works in co-operation with websites like LibriVox and AudioBooksForFree for creating audiobooks. You can browse through their comprehensive list of human- and machine-read audiobooks, as well as their eBook titles.
Storynory    A free audiobook site especially for children where you can find classic children's stories like fairy tales, educational stories that cover The Bible or history, and lots of other original stuff. You can download a free audio story every week.
Librophile    Librophile collects and displays eBooks mostly from LibriVox and Audible. Click on the Free button and then go through the listings. You can download the free audiobooks as a ZIP file, play it in your browser, or check it out as a readable eBook. Clicking on a title takes you to the Audible or LibriVox website.
Audio Books for Free    Mostly public domain books. MP3, iPOD and DVD audiobooks (adventures, detectives, horrors, classics, children, non-fictions, philosophy, etc.) for you to download and enjoy. Every audio book produced and recorded by professional actors/narrators and experienced directors. No computerised text-to-voice convertions have been used.    An extensive database search tools to locate the perfect agent or publisher for your work. It contains contact information, the agent's preferred method of contact and whether or not they accept unsolicited queries.    Enjoy unlimited reading at Discover all-new, rising authors. Independent writers offer both entertaining fiction/romance for your enjoyment and non-fiction to help you find info from self-help to biz growth.    For Kindle Fire, Apple or Android device, Nook, Kobo, PC, Mac, and Sony Reader.
Calibre eBook Manager    Calibre is an excellent free and open source eBook library management application. It can manage all of your eBooks, convert to and from many formats, and synchronize to most eReaders.
Fictonwise    At Fictionwise, you'll find award-winning and high quality eBooks by top authors in all the major genres. is committed to providing the Internet's most comprehensive collection of fiction (and yes nonfiction too!) in the most popular eBook formats.